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07/04/2021 22:49 in News

Our Objective

To search for SPONSORS, CLIENTS AND/OR BUSINESS PARTNERS in the house music scene who are interested with the production and advertising of high quality innovative audio- video shows and spots for discos, pubs, DJing and events.

We are in NEED of colleagues who can:

    Act as agent representative in doing business transactions and looking for contacts abroad, especially in GERMANY, IRELAND, ITALY AND UNITED KINGDOM but can come anywhere in the world;

    Broadcast Technicians who can make live video and audio recordings;

    Hosts/Events Conductor who can produce show trails as well as recording and editing interview and show material both in radio and television;

    Do secretarial office jobs and as liaison with listeners, clients, guests and content suppliers;

    Contribute to the station’s social media platforms and website;

    Assist with music and live events scheduling;

    Write/Suggest in program content and laying-out of project plans;

    Keep and inspect financial accounts.

Your Experience

You will need to be smart, bold and engaging and be able to display company values in the work you do; Bravery, Integrity and Passion. You should be as passionate about working in radio and television as we are and have broadcasting experience.

    Knowledge of all social media platforms is a must.

    Minimal experience for DJs is 5 YEARS.

    You must absolutely be creative with positive attitude and energy combined with a strong work ethic.

    An essential requirement is a passion for deep, soulful and house music!


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